About us

Plante & Cité : from research to practice

Plante & Cité is the French national centre for research and experiments in the area of green spaces and urban landscaping. The technical centre ensures the transfer of scientific knowledge to professionals working in green spaces, businesses and local authorities.

Our activities

Plante & Cité produces resources that respond to the priority needs of professionals : reducing plant protection products, economising water use, selecting vegetation adapted to urban pressures, preserving biodiversity, understanding the benefits of plants for health and wellbeing.

Our services

Plante & Cité provides concrete solutions to professionals working in private and public green spaces by providing :

  • A monthly watch review summarising the publications on green spaces and landscaping.
  • Online technical documents - data shettes, guides, results of experiments, bibliographic records, tools (accessible in our online database).
  • Technical workshops

Our legal structure

Plante & Cité is a non-profit association (Association loi 1901) founded in Angers in 2006 as part of the Vegepolys international competitiveness cluster. In 2015, Plante & Cité had 520 members. The association is chaired by Angers city. Versailles city and the landscaping company Lequertier are the first and second vice-president, respectively.

National support

The French Mayor's Association (Association des Maires de France) is the patron Plante & Cité.

The technical centre is supported by the French Ministries of Sustainable Development (MEDDE) and Agriculture (MAAF) within the framework of the "Ecophyto' (French National Plan to reduce pesticides use and impacts) and "Nature in the City" projects. Plante & Cité manages the websites : www.ecophytozna-pro.fr and www.nature-en-ville.com.

Plante & Cité is partly funded by the French umbrella branch organisation Val'Hor for horticulture and landscaping.

Our missions

  • To organise study and experiment programmes on commonly agreed subjects that correspond to the needs of green spaces managers.
  • To lead experiments conducted in partnership with local authorities, partner businesses, and technical and scientific insitutes.
  • To carry out a technical watch; the transfer and sharing of scientific and technical knowledge to local authorities and member businesses.