Documentation tools

The specialised press

Every month Plante & Cité consults the leading journals in ornamental horticulture and landscaping. You can find links to the majority of these in Horti’doc’s documentary portal.


Other journals are also consulted:

› Espaces naturels
› De ville en ville
› Horticulture romande
› Irrigazette
› TSM (Techniques Sciences Méthodes)
› JoLA (Journal of Landscape Architecture)
› Insectes
› Environnement magazine
› Anthos

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Documentary collaborations

Plante & Cité’s documentation service has partnerships with several resource centres, including: ASTREDHOR, Agrocampus Ouest-Angers, INRA Centre d’Angers, Hépia in association with Plante & Cité Suisse and SNHF.

These partnerships allow the exchange of information and literature, reference documents, best practices, collaborative tools and the pooling of resources.
Plante & Cité contributes to Horti'doc, the French documentary portal specialised in ornamental horticulture and landscaping.

The specialised library


This library is open to all the Plante & Cité project managers and officers.

The collection is composed of:
› about 500 books
› 12 subscriptions to specialised journals
› PhD theses and masters’ dissertations
› institutional documents
› documents from local authorities
› supplier catalogues
› bulletins/reports of experiments
› electronic documents