Association bodies

The committee

  • President : Mr Christophe Béchu, Mayor of Angers, Senator of Maine and Loire, Local Authorities Board
  • First Vice-President : Mr François de Mazières, Deputy Mayor of Versailles, Local Authorities Board
  • Second Vice-President : Mr Eric Lequertier, Company director of S.A.S. Lequertier, Board of "Businesses in the horticulture and landscaping sector".
  • Secretary : Mf François Colson, Honorary professor of Agrocampus Ouest, Board of "Research Institutes".
  • Treasurer : Mr Bertrand Martin, Rennes, Association of French Regional Engineers (AITF), Board of "Association of regional managers of green spaces".
  • Joint Treasurer : Mr Marc Mouterde, UNEP administrator, Board of "Trade federations of horticulture and landscaping sectors".

The board of directors

The board of directors is composed of 35 members elected by the general assembly for three years, it :

  • elects the committee
  • is responsible for the financial management of the association
  • monitors the programmes of the association
  • submits new member requests to the general assembly

The General Assembly

The general assembly is the deliberative body of the association. It is composed of all the members of the association and its operation is governed by the statutes of the association.

The general assembly usually meets once year to :

  • approve the activity and financial reports submitted by the board of directors
  • vote on the budget
  • elect the board of directors
  • give general guidelines fot the actions and programmes of the association

Working groups

The working groups are composed of volunteer professional members of Plante & Cité (local authorities, landscaping businesses, research and training centres).

They meet 1-2 times a year to:

  • Identify the priority needs of green space managers, by thematic, in terms of new knowledge, reviews and technical references. 
  • Propose study and experiment projects in response to these needs, in addition to reviewing documents, planning innovative projects and giving technical advice.

To participate in a working group, please contact the relevant project manager.

The technical steering committee

The technical steering committee prioritises the technical and scientific needs of the working groups based the six research thematics of Plante & Cité.

Members of the committee support the project managers in coordinating the study and experiment programmes.

The committee consists of twenty professionals from landscaping businesses, local authorities, and research and training centres.

The scientific council

The scientific council acts as a consultant and expert to the board of directors on scientific and technical issues in the green space sector.

Composed of twenty members, it is chaired by Louis Marie Rivière the former president of INRA Angers-Nantes.

It meets biannually to review and advise on the implementation of Plante & Cité study and experiment programmes.